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How many times have you been in a buffet line and wondered how in the world you could hold all of your silverware, a napkin, dinner plate and maybe even a cocktail glass and still free up a hand to serve yourself? It has happened to all of us many times!

Now, thanks to the creativity of Miss Daisy and her innovative and unique The Silver Caddy, a silverware and napkin all in one, it need never happen again! This unique dinner napkin and silverware holder makes a nice event a lot easier to maneuver and to enjoy. The Silver Caddy is wonderful for wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts, thank you gifts, homewarming gifts, birthday gifts, as well as Christmas gifts.

The Silver Caddy napkins are beautiful and have pocket spaces for five utensils and a larger space for an extra napkin for hand eating meals, like fried chicken or ribs, all wrapped into one piece. You stick it in your pocket or hold it under your arm and have both hands free. Just get your plate, find your seat, unroll the napkin and you’re ready to go. The Silver Caddy can be enjoyed at wedding receptions, bbqs, buffets, tailgating, picnics or even a beach party or clambakes and right on board for boaters.

Miss Daisy, using designer fabrics and reinforcing all seams, superbly handcrafts all The Silver Caddy items in her home . Each requires ten different steps from fabric cutting to finished product and each fabric has been test washed as well.

The Silver Caddy is also a great way to store silverware between usages to help prevent any tarnishing...and also be ready for the next happy occasion. These napkins are noticeably larger than standard dinner napkins.

There are 18 designs/themes shown. The Silver Caddy makes a wonderful Christmas gift, memorable wedding gift and is terriffic for realtors to give clients who buy or sell through them.

Here’s how The Silver Caddy is prepared for use:

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