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Welcome to Armadillo Pharmaceuticals!

Armadillo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is proud to announce the commencement of operation at its new manufacturing facility in Visalia, California.

Armadillo is a company engaged in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical-grade phytomedicines. We use proprietary Alembic Technology and Herbal Equalization, which allow complete recovery of all the bioactive compounds occurring in a natural material. These revolutionary technologies have been developed by Armadillo scientists with one goal in mind - to create a product that retains all the activity present in the raw materials. Our process uses no organic solvents or heat, which degrade most natural

products. The result is a category of botanical medicines that we term:

Full Spectrum Herbal Concentrates

The company has applied this breakthrough technology to a number of other product lines including:

Cornucopia Full Spectrum Food Concentrates
Mycoceuticals Full Spectrum Fungal Concentrates
Algaceuticals Full Spectrum Algae Concentrates

A line of Chinese and Ayurvedic formulae is also in development.

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